Monday, July 20, 2009

"We give praise and thanks to You, O God; Your wondrous works declare that Your Name is near" Psalms 75:1

And boy is Carter one of God's wondrous works!!! We feel his presence everyday and especially today as we conquered yet another hurdle!! I am sorry I have not posted but the last week has not been our best. It had lots of ups and downs with belly issues, fever, and breathing issues. He did have a fun afternoon on Saturday with Memaw and Lissa. Memaw tried to rest her head on Carter's pillow and he would hit her and try and move was pretty funny to see (Lissa sent me a video) and reassuring that his limbs are moving so well. On Sunday, Grandma CeCee and Barbara came to visit and Carter slept a lot because he was up late the night before and then Gagee came up Sunday afternoon. Skip and I are so thankful for those in our family who continuously come to see Carter and stay so Daddy can rest and I can try to maintain some normalcy in Caroline's life. Thank you to Grandma CeCee, Gagee (who does whatever we need), Bubbie (he stays every Wednesday night), Memaw, Lissa, G-Dad (He stay Thursdays- his ONLY night off),Grandma and Grandad Harris, Aunt Susan (who drops whatever if we need her), Barbara (who does whatever we need), and Jenny (she is a lifesaver for Miss Caroline). Grandma Cecee, Memaw, and Lissa pick up the days in between and do whatever is needed, helping us soo much:) Also, a big thank you to both of Skip's jobs (Spotsylvania County and Town of Orange)for their understanding through all of this!! And now onto Carter's progress......Today, has been MUCH better. Carter's breathing got significantly better yesterday and continues to be great. It has been determined that Carter has pretty bad reflux, thus causing stomach issues. He has been put on two new medicines to help with this and it seems to be working. The largest event today was getting Carter-Man out of the bed...AND HE DID IT AND DID IT WELL!! He never got upset and was determined to get out of that bed. He sat in his "new" wheelchair for an hour. Lora (his Occupational Therapist) determined he needed a better wheelchair that had a reclining back and one that was a bit larger and it was much more comfortable for Carter-man. You would have thought that something was going on in Carter's room...every doctor, nurse, secretary, case manager came to see was a pretty big deal here in the PICU!!! I know I shed tears and it looked as though many others were teary eyed!! WHAT A GREAT DAY:) Our nurse today was so helpful and proud. Dad and I are thrilled with his progress. Carter is now resting. He will be having Speech Therapy later today. We are praying that we can hear that sweet voice of his! Please continue to pray for Carter's continued progress. We are slowly getting closer to going home, although still aways to go. One step at a time!!! But, I cannot wait to have my family all under the same roof again...ahhh the small things that Skip and I used to take for granted! Thank you for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.......KEEP THEM COMING:)

Love to All,

The Harris Family