Monday, July 13, 2009

Jumping Hurdles..the name of the game

Just a quick update for everyone..Carter has not had the best of weekends. He has had severe stomach pains and a fever, both of which the doctors believe are chemo related. They are changing his pain medicine to one that has less side effects related to the GI area and later today they are doing an ultrasound to be sure his stomach area looks good. This is yet just another hurdle we have to jump and we will, successfully. He is resting peacefully right now and breathing great. He has still been going on the vent at night and basically that will continue to be a "game time" decision. He continues to move great and had a great physical therapy session this morning. His blood counts are still doing great! I will keep everyone posted regarding the belly issues. Thank you again to everyone. KEEP THOSE PRAYERS GOING UP:)