Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am really going to try and update the blog as frequently as possible. I have a chance this morning so I figured I would! Carter had another great day yesterday! Physical Therapy went awesome and he was even stronger than the day before! He got a little down after his chemo but other than that he was great. He had a great nights sleep and woke up as happy as apple pie!!! Right now he is watching his sister misbehave(SHOCKER)and trying to watch a movie. The nurse just brought the blood counts to me and yes, yet again, His Blood Counts are rising!!! DIVINE INTERVENTION!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Carter is breathing wonderfully and there was another question as to if they should put him back on the vent last night but they decided to go ahead and do it! We will see how the day goes to see if we need to put it on tonight. I will keep everyone posted!! Again, keep those prayers going!!!

Love to you all,

The Harris Family