Friday, July 3, 2009

FOOD WITH A PURPOSE Concession Stand Brings in $5201!!

A concession stand June 27/28 at an FWSA (Fairfax Women's Soccer Association) Pine Ridge Tournament brought in over $5,201.00 to the Carter's Crusaders fund. The blog address was widely distributed , so more will be raised via the new "Donate Online button". A big thank you to everyone for their donations of time/money/food/drink/family members help/moral support and just best wishes for the success of the concession stand.

It was a fun time and very heartwarming. The FWSA board members, players and their families and referees were very supportive and generous. Many expressed concern for Carter and family, and many more donated directly to the cause via our "donations jar .

Grandma and Granddad Harris were in attendance with the "Kickback" team (Grandma Harris' soccer team) to serve hungry and thirsty patrons. The Pediatric nursing staff at Fairfax Hospital ordered lunch both days, and team members happily delivered it to them.

There were 4 raffles thanks to Goldenshill Papercrafts, Meadows Farm Nursery, Matt Godaks Sports, and dbJAFRA. The person who won the beautiful Crape Myrtle tree donated it back to Skip and Courtney to have a "Carter's Tree" in their yard.

Many took advantage of beautiful handmade cards and jewelry items for sale donated by patrons of Goldenshill Papercrafts, and there were several large signs donated by Drafting & Survey Supplies in Fredericksburg.

As you can see, Carter's story is touching many it forward!

If anyone has any other venues for this type of event, please contact Diane at