Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Carter-Man!!!

Dearest Carter,
Seven years ago today God gave your Daddy and I the most precious gift- a beautiful, precious, happy, healthy baby boy and that was you! You and your sister, Caroline are the most precious gifts I have ever received. I knew from the moment that you were born that you were very special! I told everyone close to us that you were special- they,of course, thought I was just another new mother doting over her newborn. However, I knew different. There was a certain thing about you that told my heart you were different- I knew God had huge plans for you. The day that you were born there were 43, yes 43, people waiting for you to be delivered. Your Aunt Jenny counted for me so that I would know just how very special you were!!! She also told me of a man who stopped to ask her if everyone had come on a bus- she just laughed! He also asked her if a king was being born- of course she replied yes and she was right- YOU ARE A KING, sent from the Greatest King of all time, our loving God! Today marks 7 years since that day. I am glad that I did not know then what I know. In your short 6 years here on earth, you touched more lives than I knew possible. Even before you fell ill, you melted the hearts of everyone you met with your sweet smile, your contagious laugh and your zest for life. Anyone who met you loved you. Throughout those short 6 years, I longed to watch you grow up and do the things that little boys do- play baseball with the big boys (as you would say),continue to play football (even though it made me soooo nervous), swim on the swim team (which you LOVED), climb the grade ladders at school, learn to read, loose your 1st tooth, have your first girlfriend, go the Homecoming and Prom, and eventually spread your wings and fly and go on to college and get married and have children. Unfortunately for me, God had a different plan- a plan that breaks my heart daily, although I trust in Gods plan and know that although short in years, your life was rich in many other ways! You are the bravest, most courageous child I know. Throughout your battle, you still showed us that sweet smile and amazing personality. You always made me so very proud and you continue to do so. I continue to see your impact on this world and it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

Today and every birthday hereafter, we will celebrate your life just as I know you would want us to. We will eat spaghetti (your favorite food) and have cake. Although sadness will be present, we will celebrate- celebrate your life and how very thankful we are for the time that we had with you here on earth. We will look forward to the day we get to see you again and touch your sweet face and kiss you!! I know that you are dancing with the angels today, including Dad, Papa, Gran, and Nanny, and that, my sweet boy, makes me happy!!!! Happy Birthday, my sweet Carter-Man! I love you and miss you so very much!!!

Love you with all of my heart,