Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sad Week in this Community

When Carter was first diagnosed with DIPG, I started to follow the journey of a little boy named, Andrew Smith. I posted last night that he was declining and that his family needed prayers. He has battled this horrific disease for 25 months. He and his family have touched the lives of so many people. His mother's faith and grace have touched me deeply. It is with a heavy heart I let you all know that he passed peacefully at 1:00am. Please pray for this family and visit their site (I have posted it again at the bottom).

If my numbers are correct, that is 3 children that have passed this week from DIPG. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! We have to come together to raise awareness and find a cure for this evil monster that is stripping these precious children of their lives. Please join me in raising awareness!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!


Kaye said...

Andrew, Delaney and Claire's families are all in my prayers as well as your family. This is a horrible disease and thanks to the brave families who are sharing their stories many more people are becoming aware. The courage displayed by all of you is inspiring and these children are all amazing.

Christine said...

Courtney, the word is spreading. So many people are becoming aware of DIPG. Thousands are following your family as well as the other families having to deal with this horrible disease. I believe as I'm sure you do, that God didn't create this or want this for Carter. It just happened. He will wrap Carter in His loving arms and take all the pain away. I keep remembering things from the book, The Shack. All the children so excited, running to hug Jesus. Can you imagine what His birthday celebration will be like? Christmas in Heaven.