Friday, December 18, 2009

Is there any doubt that Carter-man has arrived?

As the hours waned leading up to today, I found myself weaker and more in touch with the reality of Carter's passing, as I'm sure we all did. I have admired from afar Skip and Courtney's fortitude as they so valiantly made thier way through these first few chapters of this story. The last 10 months (especially the last few days) have given me such respect and reverence for the Harris Crew. I'm elated that Rebecca has brought me to this community, this family.

When Madison told me that it was going to snow 15 inches this weekend, I didn't believe her. Not that I didn't believe HER, I just have very little faith in the meteorology profession that told her such news. Not to mention that snow, something that has always brought me such joy, just didn't seem to fit this weekend. Well, as the day wore on and our tears so easily turned to laughter, the snow became more realistic to me. I cannot fathom a more appropriate end to today.

When we all wake up tomorrow (especially you, Courtney and Skip), Carter will have purified the world around us. It will be white, clean, beautiful. Dents in cars will be hidden, dog poop will go unseen. The world will look new, inviting, fun. Courtney asked Carter for signs that he was OK once he arrived and I love that he's delivered.

For the next day or two, assuming these meteorologist jokers know what they're doing, the snow will turn on fireplaces, it will produce hot cocoa, it will encourage snuggling and hugs. It will provide children and families with joy and memories. All because Carter has arrived.

For the rest of my life, snow will always be associated with Carter. Snow. One of my favorite things the world has to offer. I love that I will always find Carter in snow.

I was so honored today to stand up as a pall bearer. I am honored to have known Carter. I am honored that my daughters were able to have Carter as a friend. And I'm honored that my friendship with the Harris family is young and will last a lifetime.

I found this poem by Robert Frost and thought it was a strong summary of our day with C-Man. Everyone sleep well tonight. Enjoy the snow tomorrow. I'll be making a snow angel for my buddy.

Kyle B.

DUST OF SNOW by Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.


Beth and Melinda said...

Snow has always irked me...
But now I will look at it differently.
Carter-Man has arriverd with his maker, and he is free


Well said Kyle B...what a beautiful day and loving memories. This was beautiful.

Wendy Ingram said...

This again touched my heart! just breath taking!

Anonymous said...

Kyle I am speechless and in tears. That was amazing and we thought the same thing about the snow. Thank you, Carter. I even got my big butt down and made a snow angel for the snow angel above.

ashley_cofer said...

i never knew carter, never knew his family. i heard of his story on ever since then when i tuck my 2 yr old son in at night, we have including carter and his family in our prayers, and we will continue to keep them in our prayers. what a beautiful little boy. its so glad to hear that yall are able to turn a bad day into a good one, carter is in heaven blessing all of you everyday! maybe we will get some snow in memphis, if we do, i will defintley be thinking of carter-man!

Kim Bitto said...

Kyle very beautiful and well put, you and Becca both have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Kyle, what a beautiful and poignant message...and poem. I don't know the Harrises, but I know you well, and your words gave me chills. Hug your family and stay warm with your memories!

Maria said...

I think that my morning experience was meant for your family, Carter.
Yesterday I read an article in the newspaper and found out that you had finally gone home. I prayed for your soul and cried as you remind me of my 6 year old. I always pray in the morning and I like to listen to the 105.1 station “programming -Words to live by” on my way to work on Sunday mornings. I was thinking of your son Carter and listing at the same time to the program. I was praying for your soul and for you to be in the arms of God now. A few minutes earlier on the “Words to live by” the man was asking GOD for a sign, he needed a sign to change his life. That phrase “needing a sign” and Carter stayed in my head for a few minutes and right then in the sky I saw close and glimmering a shinning shooting star. This took place at exactly 5:55 AM. It was a sign that you were already in God’s hands. I smiled and I cried again because I knew that you are in good hands and that this was a miracle and a sign of God. While prayers are accompanying you in your new, joyful life your beautiful eyes sparkles at us at night.
This is the link to story that I was listening to: Download