Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Real Quick Update....

Unfortunately, CarterMan is back on the Morphine drip due to the pain he is experiencing from the sores in his mouth. The sores make it difficult for him to talk, so he is communicating through head shaking and head nods with very brief moments of one-word answers or requests.

Eating is still something Carter isn't real interested in. With all those mouth sores, I'm sure eating isn't as fun as it used to be! He did have four bites of applesauce and a bite of a PB&J sandwich yesterday.

He's not his usual happy self, but I don't think I would be either!! He did, however have a fun bath time again yesterday! He actually got into the bathtub and loved it! He is smiling a little more each day :)

The results of the EKG showed everything to be okay with his "ticker"!! There is a possibility of a blood clot in his PICC line, so they did an ultrasound but the family does not have the results of that yet. All of his blood cultures are good.

Carter is breathing much better and sounds clearer like the pneumonia is backing off a bit! This is good!!!