Wednesday, April 1, 2009


...said CarterMan....and stronger he is!! He seems very intent on shortening his recovery and rehabilitation time frame! There is NO amount of Kryptonite around that is going to keep CarterMan down!! No complaints here!!

He recently had a buzz-cut on his sweet, little head and - OMGosh!! Sooo flippin' cute - you have no idea! (Well, look at the picture and you WILL!)

He is on a fast track to being able to RUN and play and enjoy the sunshine that is soon to settle into our backyards for some time to come! I am very much looking forward to seeing his beautiful, blue eyes glistening in the Spring sun!

I'm not saying you should stop praying (not even suggesting that), I'm just asking that you celebrate in a moment of praise with Carter and his family/friends for the miraculous progress he has made and the amazing things to come as a result of his courageous efforts!!