Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two more weeks to go!

Carter is pretty far into his radiation treatment and now has just about 2 weeks left before moving on to the next form of treatment. His blood counts were right where they should have been at his checkup on Thursday!! At this stage in the process, he is experiencing any and all possible side effects of the radiation, chemotherapy, and steroid treatments. He's experiencing hair loss, skin irritation/itching, he is HIGHLY emotional and moody. Overall, he just doesn't feel very well. He has good days and he has bad days. It's difficult to tell, even hour by hour how Carter will be feeling. That's just the truth of the matter right now.

He was in quite a bit of discomfort recently due to a condition called espophagitis. It causes a horrible stinging sensation in his throat and chest that feels like a severe sunburn. He was given some "magic mouthwash" that wasn't really doing the trick. So, just a day or two ago, he was prescribed a pain medicine that, although makes him very drowsy, has quelled the pain and allows for a full night's GOOD sleep - something he has been deprived of for some time now.

Despite everything that is going on, Carter will be dying Easter eggs today with his family and looking forward to the Easter Bunny's arrival tomorrow! Happy Easter everyone!!