Monday, April 27, 2009

Carter Is Still Rollin' In The Right Direction!!

CarterMan is off his pain meds and off his Oxygen. There is still an oxygen "option" available to him at any given moment, but he wants nothing to do with it, and will toss it off his chest when he can! His vitals are fine, and in the words of his own Doctors, his white blood cell counts are better than yours and mine!!!

After a CT scan in hopes of figuring out what was keeping Carter from achieving a fair chance at breathing normally, it was determined that he has a blood clot in his lung and the doctors are doing what they need to do in order to dissolve this clot. Ultrasounds have already been done on his legs to make sure that no other clots exist in that region. He will undergo an ECG (ElectroCardioGram) on his heart tomorrow to make sure he doesn't have any clots in his heart, but the doctors are assuring the family that this is nothing to be concerned with - simply routine.

CarterMan was reading books with his Mom and sister today and LAUGHING!!! He started back to his radiation today and was able to get through almost all of it without sedation. This is okay, though - because it's another testament to how much more alert he is today than he has been in some time! Wiggle some, CarterMan - It gives us all a smile of appreciation for your sprite, your stamina, and your persistence!!

Carter will remain in the hospital for the time being until the Doctors are sure they have cleared him of this blood clot and helped him regain his strength to go home and tell us all what it is like to be a true hero! We're all waiting to hear your stories, baby boy!