Monday, March 23, 2009

Simply Amazing....

....Carter had his first radiation session that included BOTH Cranial AND Spinal treatments early this morning. The normal session(s) will take approximately 35 minutes, but today's appointment, being the first run at combining Cranial with Spinal took a full hour. Carter really doesn't like to be put to sleep (who does?), so they let him try it awake. Do you know that this little champion didn't even wiggle a toe?? Carter sat perfectly still for the entire hour-long session and came out of the procedure room with a beaming smile on his face. He has every reason to be proud of his accomplishment! The radiology technicians said that, not only have they never seen a 5 year old capable of managing this feat, but there are many adults that cannot sit still-as-a-statue for that duration of treatment. Hooray for CarterMan!!! We are just as proud as you are, buddy!

He will have his first home-bound instructional session this afternoon. His Kindergarten teacher at Grafton Village Elementary, Miss Sheehan, has offered to do his home-bound instruction (she just loves Carter and wouldn't have it any other way). He LOVES school and has had a difficult time with having to abruptly take time off from his curriculum. He misses the time he normally spends with his classmates and friends at school, something awful. This will be very nice for him to get back into the swing of things and also help reestablish some of the self-confidence that has been lost throughout this ordeal.

Another giant step today in the right direction!!