Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carter's Recent Days....

St. Patrick’s Day proved to be a fun evening for CarterMan and his “girlfriends”. As per Carter’s request, I took Madison and Kaelan over to see him for an impromptu “Green celebration” at his house. Corned Beef and Cabbage and various green cupcakes (decorated by Carter and his little sister, Caroline prior to our arrival) were on the menu.

It did not take long for the festivities to commence – the Nintendo Wii being the most popular of said “festivities”. I would love to see Carter on an actual golf course, because he can certainly crush a golf ball on the Wii (much like his late grandfather, Barry Sale and Uncle Chad Sale on any real course)!

Speaking of golf, Carter’s only request yesterday (March 20, 2009) was to visit and have lunch at Lee’s Hill Golf Club where both his Uncles Chad Sale and Chuck Harris are employed (also the location for a Golf Outing Fundraiser for Carter’s Crusaders on May 21, 2009 – more details to come). Carter had a blast and was very happy to have some much needed time out of the house that did not include heading up to Northern Virginia for radiation and doctors’ appointments. It was a very happy afternoon for him and his family!

Carter has, unfortunately fallen victim to the same stomach bug that has been running rampant in our area and many of our homes, even. As if there weren’t enough for him and his family to deal with, they are hoping to have him come out on the other side by tomorrow (this seems to be a 5 day bug, based on what they have seen in other family members/visitors to the house – UGH). Wash your hands like you have OCD, folks – flu season is here and it is persistent!

Carter has been enjoying the many meals being brought to his home by so many of you – thanks for all you are doing! He has expressed a desire for a returned sense of normalcy to his day-to-day. Being able to sit down with his family to a home cooked meal each night really helps to play a role in fulfilling his wish. Please check the calendar to see if there is a day that may not be taken and may match up with an “open chunk” of your time to prepare (or even purchase) dinner for Carter and his family.

He is still receiving his Monday through Friday radiation (both Cranial and Spinal) at Fairfax INOVA Hospital, with weekly (Thursday) visits to Children’s Hospital in DC directly following radiation, to monitor his vitals and blood work, etc. Chemotherapy is still being administered by way of pills at home (crushed in his applesauce, which he thoroughly enjoys, so it works out well).

Though not quite sure what the side effects of the chemo will be or when they will take place, the “men” of the family have decided to have a good time with it, in hopes of getting Carter involved in the “silliness” of it all. His father, Skip and his uncles, Chad and Chuck shaved their heads tonight (with Courtney’s help) in hopes that Carter will think it’s silly enough to jump on board and do what they have done. After all, we all have to help Carter find some sort of humor in all of this, right? This way, if the rumor is true that the chemo will compromise Carter’s thick head of hair, then it is best we have a head start on his dealing with it, no? Hats off to the brave men in Carter’s family (no pun intended)!! I saw each of these men tonight and I think they look fabulous!!

With Courtney’s help, I am going to attempt to give more frequent, little updates on Carter’s day-to-day goings on, as big or small as they may be. This should prove to be a way for all of us to have a sense of being at his side, running this race right along with him. Because, after all, we are an ARMY OF ANGELS and we cannot be beat!