Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another day, another step in the right direction!

Carter had his weekly checkup with the Oncologist at Children's Hospital this afternoon and it went very well!! Each Thursday, they do his bloodwork, administer extensive neurological testing and regulate his plethora of medications (he has an entire tub of meds at his house dedicated to his treatment). CarterMan could give CVS a run for their money! :)

Results of this week's visit: AWESOME!! The neurological testing showed remarkable improvement on the right side of his body (the arm and leg that have been compromised due to the tumor). He is "much stronger" in the words of his Oncologist. They also said that his eyes are showing much improvement and feel the nerves are starting to repair themselves! YAY!

The results of today's visit/testing proved enough that his steroid dosage was decreased a bit. We're moving in the right direction!! Keep up the bravery, CarterMan... you are doing everything right and proving to be an inspiration of pure spirit for all of us that know and love you!!

Tomorrow is another day and there isn't a doubt in my mind that Carter will kick tomorrow in the butt!!