Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dinner Calendar - Just a few notes....

...You guys are doing a wonderful job with keeping the Harris bellies full! Many thanks for all your efforts!

There have been some questions about the calendar and how to make it work a little smoother. Here are some important notes on keeping it simple:

1) PLEASE remember to add your contact information (NAME + PHONE NUMBER AND/OR EMAIL) to the description of the event (the part that looks like the body of an email). That way, if there are conflicts with someone else who has already "claimed" that date (and this HAS happened), I am able to contact you quickly and easily. Unfortunately, when I am notified of an event being added to the calendar, I cannot see anything but the information you have added to the event. The return address of the email is simply "calendar_monitor", etc., so I have no idea who you are unless you tell me :)

2) Even though you are clicking on the date that you WANT to bring dinner, when you click on "add an event" to that date, you have to again specify the date you want (below the body of the description). Otherwise, it will automatically show up on the calendar as the current day's date (leaving me no way of knowing what day you actually intend to bring dinner - which is why contact info is so important)

I know this all sounds like so much work, but it's really quite simple (I just tend to over explain things just to be safe). I've been told on many occasions - JUST GET TO THE POINT, ALREADY!! :)

I hope this helps all your efforts to be successful! You're a beautiful bunch of people, that's for sure!