Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 weeks at home... we are...2 weeks since we left the hospital. Two weeks and two days since we received the devastating news that this evil tumor had started to progress and take over more of our baby's brain. Two weeks and two days since our doctor told us his days here on earth were limited. When we asked how long? She said maybe days, maybe weeks and here we still are. Carter-Man is still here with us. He is so is unbelievable to me how very strong he is!! He has a lot of fight in him, that is for sure! We are still praying for a miracle. We pray all of the time. We ask God to heal Carter. We pray that he chooses to heal him here on earth but we also pray for NO MORE SUFFERING!!!! It is so hard on Skip and I to watch Carter-Man just lay here. We wonder what he may be thinking and that tears us apart. We do not want him to be afraid so we spend a lot of time assuring him that God is going to take care of him and that he need not be afraid. My heart tells me he is not afraid anymore but it also tells me that he is tired...tired of medicine, tired of not being able to play and laugh, just plain TIRED!!! We just want him to be happy. That is all we have ever wanted..for all of our children to be happy. This last 9 months has been horrific on us because we have put so much in to trying to make them happy and then this evil tumor strikes. Although it struck Carter's body, it struck our happy family...Skip, myself, Tommy, Carter and Caroline. It changed our routine of relaxing in the afternoons and quiet family evenings. Evenings filled with family dinners, talks of our days highs and lows (something we did at the dinner table), outings to get ice cream, trips to the YMCA, and all of the kid's activities. Simply put..IT CHANGED OUR LIVES COMPLETELY!!! My hope is that we can raise enough awareness so that no other child or family has to suffer through this. Skip and I have a lot of plans for the future as far as fighting this tumor and we will see them through!

Carter is still here with us. He does open his eyes from time to time and sometimes he will respond by blinking. He tends to run high fevers and his breathing changes frequently. Skip and I became overly concerned this morning and requested that a hospice nurse come and take a look at Carter-Man. She said that his lungs sound clear. She had never seen Carter before but she did say that the fever and his coloring were all a part of this process. She complemented us on how comfortable and clean he looks. She said what a good job we have done taking care of him..she said it was very obvious. I cannot imagine anything else but I guess these nurses see so many things. He is comfortable and he is resting better now. We are still praying....our main prayer is that our precious baby boy does not suffer anymore and that he feels no pain. He does not deserve any of this. I wish that Skip and I could take it all upon ourselves...We would do it in a split second!

I wanted to thank everyone again for all of the support and prayers! You all are amazing people. Thank you for following Carter's story. There are others who are on this same journey but in different phases. Please pray for these children as well. Nate1992 PrincessAshani

I have followed these children for sometime and I pray for them everyday. Please join me in this!!

With Love and Hope,