Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Carter-Man!!!!!

Today is Carter's 6th birthday!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to my baby:) Although last night was not the greatest of nights for Carter (he had trouble sleeping from 4 am on but he is now resting great), I reflected on the past 6 years and how much joy he has filled my life with. I thought back to this day 6 years ago. Carter was not ready to come out. I was induced on Wednesday the 27th and finally on Friday the 29th, after nothing was changing, they decided to take him via C-section. At 10:32 pm, the most precious baby boy was given to Skip and I from our Heavenly Father. As time has passed, I have realized more and more that that is exactly what children are...they are a gift from God. They are his children first. Six years ago, I never dreamed that we would be going through what we are going through now...I treasure each smile, each laugh, each moment more now than ever!! Usually around this time of year, I am frantically rushing around planning for his big birthday bash. Boy have times changed!! We are still having a very small birthday celebration for Carter but nothing even close to years passed! Although I long for the big birthday bashes again where Carter is running around and trying desperately to stick his finger in the icing on the cake (for those that truly know Carter, they know he does not really care for the cake part- just the icing), I am so thankful that we are celebrating his 6th birthday and the life that was given to us 6 years ago. I will treasure today more than ever! I will be sure to post pictures from today for all to see!!

As for an update on Carter- we are still thoroughly enjoying being home and trying to adjust to our new normal. Some days are great, others are not! This is just the nature of the roller coaster we are riding...we take each moment as it comes. We did have a scare this past week and had to take Carter to the local emergency room where the doctors there were under direct instruction from our wonderful pediatrician (who I am so thankful for) and our great Oncology team from CNMC. Carter was running a fever and was not breathing like he should have been. Blood work was done and cultures were taken and he was given a strong antibiotic that would cover most bacterial infections. It was deemed that Carter had an infection in his trache. It was later determined that this is the same bacteria that has grown before, probably meaning it has colonized. Carter will remain on this antibiotic for 7-10 days and then it may be necessary that he receives antibiotic breathing treatments. Other than that, Carter is doing well. His legs are stronger than they have been in months and he is able to move his fingers to pick up and stack blocks (although he really only cooperates with his physical therapist). His physical therapist said yesterday that that was the BEST session she has had with him:) Go, Carter, Go!! He still has a long way to go but we are determined that he will get there! With fervent prayers and faith, Carter will prevail. His net MRI is scheduled for this Tuesday. PLEASE, PLEASE SAY EXTRA PRAYERS FOR US THIS WEEK. Both Skip and I have major anxiety as this day approaches. Although clinically, he is better, we still get very nervous! We pray that this tumor is shrinking but at minimum we pray that it is stable. We appreciate all of the positive thoughts and prayers that come our way. We could not walk this journey alone so thank you for walking it with us!!!

Love to you all,