Monday, August 31, 2009

Asking For Prayers.....

Tomorrow is Carter Man's follow-up MRI to see what these new treatments have done as far as the tumor is concerned. We are asking for a Universal Hour of Prayer tomorrow between 11AM and Noon (Tuesday 9/1/09). We've seen the power of prayer and want to tap into that please keep Carter and his family in your prayers tomorrow between 11am and Noon as the family will be awaiting his results (which will realistically not be available until Wednesday or Thursday).

I am sitting with Courtney as we speak watching Carter in his wheelchair enjoying some cartoons while my oldest daughter, Madison rubs his arm.....a beautiful sight! He has had a wonderful day today and even slept in his own bed last night!

Carter watched Courtney cook dinner tonight which started the ball rolling with introducing him to normalcy. He sat at the dinner table tonight and even ate a bite or two of spaghetti.....(Courtney says "sorry, Doc....Mom's in control here") The family did their normal "Highs/Lows" at the dinner table and Carter enjoyed listening to all of it and even showed signs of wanting to participate.

All-in-all, tomorrow is a very important day for all involved....and your participation is appreciated! Let us all gather together in prayer tomorrow and always!