Monday, May 25, 2009

Please Turn Your Prayer Buttons to HIGH....

After a celebratory homecoming last Tuesday, Carter Man and family tried very hard to wrap their heads around what was to come now that he no longer "lived" in the hospital. Carter was home from Tuesday until Friday and never really was able to fully settle in. Just as was the case in the hospital, he continued to experience difficulty with his breathing even while getting the same treatments at home that he was receiving in the hospital. He had a routine checkup on Friday (5/22/09), at which time it was decided that he would better off being readmitted to the hospital to be monitored more closely.

He was admitted Friday and had a "post-treatment" MRI to see where we are with this tumor and the intricate makeup of it all. The MRI showed that the most dangerous part of the tumor (located on or around the PONS of the brain) has shrunk considerably. The part located in the mid-brain showed a minimal increase in size, but this could just be due to general swelling from the radiation.

After continued issues with Carter Man's breathing, he was transferred to the PICU yesterday afternoon in order to have a breathing tube (respirator) inserted to aid in his breathing. He appeared to breathe more peacefully almost immediately, allowing his heart rate to return to normal.

Today, a second MRI of his spine was administered. The family is still awaiting the results of the scan. The plan is to try to wean Carter off the respirator as soon as possible.

Your prayers and concerns have not gone unheard and the family is eternally grateful for the outpouring of support from each and every one of you. Please join us in continuing to pray for Carter Man and his road to recovery from this whole situation.