Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Carter's going to eat one way or another!

CarterMan had surgery yesterday to have a Feeding Tube put into his stomach in order to be sure that he is getting proper nutrition. It is referred to as a G-Tube but is more affectionately referred to as his second belly button by his family! :)

He is a bit sore today, but is doing relatively well. His sugar levels have somewhat stabilized for the moment. He did get his Neupogen shot again today because his white blood cell count dipped down a little bit. This could be due to the final radiation treatment he recently underwent.

After a little bit of a trying morning, he was playing the Wii again today! He also colored for the first time in a very long time this afternoon! You go, Carter!!

He told his Dad, for the first time in a about a month now, that he felt hungry!!! He didn't actually eat anything, but it's a promising sign that good things are to come!!

Please continue to pray for Carter and his family. Don't forget to pray for Baby Noah who rests just a few doors down from CarterMan. To learn more about Noah's story, please click HERE.