Saturday, September 12, 2009

September.....a new meaning to this month

Ahh..I can remember in years past what the month of September meant to me...the start of school, preparing for autumn, opening windows, decorating for Halloween and for the autumn season, preparing closets-summer clothes out and fall and winter clothes in, shoe shopping, making soups, a start of a new football season (yes this is still very important in this house-GO SKINS!) and so much more!! Although some of these things are still a part of my life, the meaning has changed. This month has new meaning to us as we watch our 6 year old battle a horrible brain tumor. I am sure that most of you are not aware that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and September 13th is Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. I mean come on, the president of our country has not acknowledged it even when he had a prime opportunity while addressing our nation about healthcare! HA- what a joke! It infuriates me to know that the leader of this country has not even mentioned or talked about it. It infuriated my mother so much that she sent him an email addressing her concern. She works for the Department of Defense and made sure this was known and she requested an acknowledgement. I wonder if she will get one. If she does or does not I will be sure to keep you posted! I must say, yes, I have put up Halloween decorations (I always decorate early and the children love it), I have put autumn and winter clothes in closets, I have bought new shoes (keeping in mind that Carter needs a different kind for more support), I have made soup, and yes I tried to stay awake to watch the season opener of the NFL! is not the same as last year! As I was putting up my flag and hanging up the decorations on the front porch, I remembered last year- Carter was sooo excited! He was at school when I started and came home ecstatic that I had started decorating. He was running around and helping as he always did. This year was different....he could not run or help- although we did sit him at the kitchen table to see the banister (I put up pumpkin garland and wrap orange lights around it), the tea light holders (pumpkin and ghost shaped), and the various other things that I put around in the house. We have not yet taken him outside to see the outside things but that is the plan! He and Caroline have had colds and Carter has severe seasonal allergies so we are trying to avoid going out with the pollen count so high. He cannot take any cough suppressant nor his allergy medicine so no open windows and for now, limited outdoor time. is just not the same! This month has new meaning for my entire family! Please...wear as much GOLD (this represents Childhood Cancer Awareness) as you can this month.....we are working on getting gold ribbons and hope to be wearing them soon! Please pray that our government takes a stand and starts to make a difference for all of the children that battle everyday! The more people that help with this cause, the more attention it will receive and the closer we come to a cure!!!

As for an update on Carter...he is doing better everyday!!!! We actually were able to remove some pieces of equipment from our living room this morning and it was very exciting! Now it looks like a normal hospital room and not a PICU room! Nonetheless, we continue to see improvement slowly but surely. He has been able to sit by himself in the floor using his arms for support. His physical therapist said it is amazing the difference from when he first came home. He is rolling over for her much easier. At night, I sometimes, see him moving his legs all around. We are still waiting on the stander. A person from the equipment company will be coming Monday to "fit" him for it and make sure of the one that will work for him. We are very excited about this:) We are still slowly weening more medicine from his daily regimen and he seems to be fine without it. The only pain medicine that he gets is Tylenol with Codeine and he also gets Xanax at night to calm him. His sleeping is MUCH better and almost like he has always slept! He is still on a small dose of steroids (Hydrocortisone) and we are hoping to slowly start weening that soon. We have an appointment with his Pulmonologist Tuesday and are hoping they will look at his airway and decide that he does not need the trache anymore!! This would be wonderful ,as he hates having it in! Please keep him in your prayers as he continues his fight! He is an amazing young man and continues to amaze us daily- he is so brave and courageous- WE ARE SO PROUD HE IS OUR SON!!!!!

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Aunt Kat for all of the presents (WE LOVE YOU), to Mason for the 2 boxes filled with stuff for Carter (HE LOVED ALL OF IT- YOU ARE AMAZING), to Belva and Jay Miller for the box of presents for the whole family (YOU ALL ARE AWESOME), and to everyone who continues to send cards- HE LOVES THEM:) On another note, Carter now has an email address. We created this for him because he is playing in The Harris Family Fantasy Football League this year and he needed an email address. If you would like to drop him a line or two, his email is! He would love it:)

Thank you to everyone for your continued love, support, and prayers!!!! Please continue to pray for us as we continue along this journey!!!!