Monday, September 21, 2009

Carter-Man has another angel..........

I awake this morning with a very heavy heart. My grandfather, Carter-Man's Cha-Cha, passed away early Friday morning surrounded by family. My grandfather was an amazing man. He was a wonderful husband, an exceptional father, and an even more exceptional grandfather. He loved his family more than words can ever express. As I said my last good-bye's to him, I asked him to protect my baby. I asked him to beg and plead that Carter be cured of this evil within him. I know he heard me and I know he will do everything in his power to do just that. Carter was very special to Grandaddy, as he was my dad's first grandchild. Although most of you know, my father passed away when I was 10 years old and he was the apple of my grandfather's eye. So my brother, Chad and Carter, overtook his eye (although he loved all of his family more than we will ever know) because he knew he had to take the place of a very special man, my Dad. My grandfather always had money (change and dollar bills) in his pockets and for those of you that do not know, Carter LOVES money, especially change. He has numerous piggy banks. My Grandmother says this is the Sale in him. Grandaddy (Cha-Cha to many) always brought Carter change to put in his banks and Carter loved it. He always knew if Cha-Cha was coming he would be getting change. Both of my children adored him. We all did. He will be missed by so many. Today, we will attend his services and lay his body to rest. Of course, we know he is not there. We know he is in the presence of the Lord and my Dad. He feels no pain and is walking, talking, and laughing again. That gives me peace. My grandfather loved his church and that is where his services will be. He will be laid to rest in the same area as my father. Although tears will be shed and sadness will be present, I know that Grandaddy would want us to celebrate his life and be thankful for the life he had. That is what I will try and do, with some tears along with celebration. Please pray for the Lord to be with us today. Please pray that he provides strength to us all but especially to my Grandmother (his wife of 58 years), my aunt, Teeny, and my brother, Chad. I pray that he wraps them in his loving arms today and reassures them that Grandaddy is at home with him and with my Dad.

Below I have included a poem that I wrote that will be read today.

His Loving Hands and his gentle touch,
Are among the things we will miss so much.

Treasured memories and times spent together,
Will remain in our hearts forever and ever.

From a husband, a father, and a grandfather,
To an uncle and a friend,
All of these roles,
He fulfilled until the very end.

Rides to McDonalds for ice cream cones and watching the airplanes land,
Riding three wheelers in the driveway
And his gentle, loving hands.

Sneaking candy from the kitchen bowl and pushing us in the swings,
I know he went to heaven riding on an angel’s wings.
Met by a son whom he loved so much,
I can only imagine their overwhelming touch.

Through the most difficult of times
And a heartbreak for all,
He stood strong and firm
He did not let us fall.

He guided us through the darkness
And led us to the light,
Taking over the role of a father
For a child so full of fright.

Although there were times of sorrow,
His life was mostly filled with joy,
From nieces, nephews, and grandchildren,
To one very special boy.

Although we know he is in such a glorious place,
We still long to see that beautiful smile upon his face.

We all love and miss him more than words could ever say,
But we all know God’s promise that we WILL see him again one day.

My heart is also heavy this morning due to all of the children that are struggling this morning. I have followed these children along my own journey and have become emotionally connected to them. My heart goes out to their families as they make difficult decisions. I pray for their comfort and their peace. I pray that the Lord will give them the strength that they need to make it through the most trying times. Please pray for these families along with me!

Love to you all,