Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that all of you are surrounded by love, laughter, family, and friends!!

As I reflect on past Thanksgivings, I remember the wonderful memories I have of Carter. I remember his laughter, his contagious smile, and most of all his love of family gatherings. He always looked so forward to when we were all together. Carter had a tremendous love for his family. Also, I must not forget, his love for food, especially his "fweets". On holidays, he knew that where we all came together there was food. Carter LOVED to eat! He would anticipate what Grandma and Gagee were cooking. Yes, they normally do the majority of the cooking. He knew that there would be lots of things that he would LOVE. They always have made sure that there are several things that are "child-friendly". Oh how he loved Thanksgiving. Not only did it mean a family gathering, but it meant LOTS OF FOOD!!!! And boy did that make him happy!!!!! It makes me smile to remember and at the same time it breaks my heart into one thousand pieces. This will be our first Thanksgiving without our sweet boy. Last year we were blessed to have him here with us and for that we were so thankful. Over the last month, I have thought about things I am thankful for. I have to be times it was so difficult. All I could think about was the fact that Carter was not here with me..what in the world do I have to be thankful for? I prayed and I prayed and asked God to remind me of all the things I have to be thankful for and of course, he delivered. He reminded me of all of the blessings that I have...a family that is like no other- a mother who would do anything to assure my happiness, a step father that gives beyond measure and is always there for us, a husband who is remarkable in every way, a grandmother who God uses as a tool in our family to provide us with strength and comfort, an aunt who loves unconditionally and has provided a void in my life for many years, in-laws that are caring, loving and supportive, a brother and soon to be sister in law who are loving and always a phone call away, a sister who, although far away in distance, is always there when needed and close to us in heart, and most of all a energetic, full of life, compassionate, loving, independent daughter whom I love more than words could ever express. She is the reason that I am able to move on...When I rise in the morning, I know that she needs me and that gives me the drive I need to get up and go. The list could go on..when I asked God to remind me, he did and he did it beyond measure!!! My entire family was and still is amazing. They realize that some days are better than others....and they understand because they too have good and bad days!! We are all in this together and although no words may be spoken, we just understand!!! I am also thankful for the network of friends that God blessed me with. The majority of my closest friends have been in my life for 15-20 years and even more! I am so thankful for them and their support of Carter and our family. And I could not forget, the friends I have met along this journey. They are truly a God-send. Although none of us wanted to be in this "club", we are lucky to not be alone. I love them all dearly and am thankful for their love and friendship. So as you begin your thanksgiving day, please remember to be your family, hold your children as tight as possible, assure them how much you love them, and most of all be thankful!!! There are families, like ours, that are spending their first Thanksgiving without their child and there are families who are not spending Thanksgiving like they should be..their children are struggling and fighting for their life. Please be thankful for the blessings in your life!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers today as we face this first nd all of the families spending Thanksgiving with a void intheir life! Please also keep sweet Alexis Agin and her family in your thoughts and prayers as she is in the midst of this horrific battle.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!


Courtney with Carter on my mind and in my heart!!!

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