Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Coincidence....NO, Divine Intervention!!

I want to start out with a story that moves me each time I think about it. As most know, Carter is provided with nursing care at home. We normally have a nurse from 9-9 Monday through Friday and on some weekends. We also have required monthly visits from a Nursing Supervisor. We had our first visit on Wednesday with who we thought was just a nursing supervisor. She was more than that- she is yet another angel that God has lead our way- she is our neighbor who only lives 6 houses down from us. I had never had the opportunity to meet her so when she arrived she was a complete stranger. When she arrived, I was on the phone with the GI doctor regarding some of Carter's medicines. I came in and read the folder that she had set up for him and it read, Carter-Man Harris. I wondered how in the world she knew that we called him Carter-Man. I then sat down with her and she began to get teary-eyed and preceded to tell me that she was my neighbor and knew all about Carter. She said that for months she had been praying for God to give her the strength to come down and introduce herself. She said she wondered if he would. She then kept praying that he would somehow lead her to Carter. She returned to work (after a leave of absence after crushing her ankle- OUCH!) and it just so happened to be with the same agency that we use for nursing. She was sitting down with the owner to coordinate a plan for her to see all of the patients that she needed to see. She was first directed to a little girl, Lily, whom I know and have known her Dad for years. When she was told that Lily had a brain tumor, she responded, "I have a little boy in my neighborhood who also has a brain tumor". The owner of the company replied, "Oh my goodness, are you talking about Carter? That is your next stop!" Her prayers had been answered- just not the way she had expected. God led her to us and what a blessing that was!!! Oh yes and there is more..the day before I had thought about and prayed about wanting Caroline to meet someone in the neighborhood that would go to Grafton Village next year and someone that I could scoop up when Caroline and I go to the playground. Sure enough, she preceded to tell me that she had a four year old that would go to Grafton next year- another prayer answered! I am so thankful to know that she is right down the street and that I have another prayer warrior on Carter's side. I also am looking forward to the day when Caroline can meet her daughter and have someone her age to play with in the neighborhood.

I have learned a lot through this journey with Carter. I have learned that God does answer prayers- sometimes just not the way we would like for them to be answered. It is all part of his divine plan- one that we, as mere humans, could never understand. His thinking is far from what we could ever imagine.
I have learned a different way to pray- yes, I pray that Carter will be completely healed and will be returned to me walking, talking, laughing and breathing without a tracheostomy. But, I also pray that God's will be done. I have been through a lot in my life and realize that life is not fair and is not always fun and games- is the life we have been given and the paths we have been asked to walk. Although there are tough times, there are always blessings and sometimes we have to look to find them. God does not bring you somewhere only to leave you- he has promised that he will never leave us or forsake us and this, I believe, is the truth. I know that he has walked with me and carried me during tough times in my life and he has always pulled me through! We have an awesome God, an Almighty God!!!

As for Carter.....things remain about the same. We are starting the process of trying to see if he will be able to breathe without the trache. We received the caps for the trache yesterday and are waiting until after his ENT appointment on Monday to start. We need to assure that his upper airway is in good shape and that his vocal cords are moving appropriately. If this is so, then we will begin, full force ahead. Please pray for us that his vocal chords are moving and his upper airway is in good shape so we can have this trache removed FOR GOOD!!!! As far as physical therapy, he is doing great! He seems to get stronger each session. He is standing, with assistance, much easier (although he cries while doing so- I am sure it hurts him). For his last two sessions, his physical therapist and Dad, assist him with walking from the couch to the table. He obviously needs a lot of assistance but it is amazing that he can even lift his feet up. I wait for the day for him to walk to the table for dinner again!!! I know God will bring us there!! I see his works everyday. We are still waiting for the stander to come in- I believe that this will help him dramatically!! He has more use of his arms and for that we are thankful, he is sitting alone for up to 10 minutes using his arms for assistance. We are continuing on the same treatment path. We will have his next MRI at the end of October. We pray for good results!!!!!

I, also, want to thank everyone for their continued support. We continue to receive cards, gift cards, food, and donations. For this we are more thankful than you will ever know. Thank you to everyone:) I wish that I could send out thank you cards to everyone but unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day. So, please, take this as a sincere thank you from Skip and I. Without the support we continue to receive, we would not be able to get through this. Also, thank you to everyone for the donations, cards, and heartfelt sympathy during the loss of my grandfather. It was more helpful that you will ever know. We are all doing well, although we miss him dearly! Happy Fall to everyone:)

A little boy whom I have followed for some time earned his angel wings Wednesday...please pray for his family during this difficult time and send them words of support. His website is as follows...