Monday, June 15, 2009

Cookbook for Carter FUNDRAISER!

Now collecting any/all recipes to create a cookbook for sale in order to raise some additional funds for the Harris family! This is an idea that Carter's Aunt Kat "cooked up"....see her notes below:

To submit a recipe:

Email - I am requesting 1 email per recipe, and in the
subject line put one of the following categories that the recipe belongs. I
can keep track of everything, especially since I'm hoping for hundreds of
recipes, like 300 at a minimum. Anyway the categories:

1. Appetizer/beverages
2. soup/salad
3. vegetables
4. main dish/meat
5. bread
6. dessert
7. miscellaneous (can be anything, I have a cook book that has a recipe
for dog biscuits in this category.)

To request a copy:

Email - Put the number you wish to order in the
subject line and contact info in the body. Depending on how many orders I
get and how many we think can be sold that didn't email will kind of
determine the price. Right now I would say the range is between $10 and $15. Maybe a couple extra bucks if they need to be mailed. Once there is a final product I will email everyone to confirm their orders before submitting a final order.

I haven't completely thought how they will get distributed. Most of the
people who purchase we would know and see often. Maybe an open house type
get together, where people can bring recipes from the cookbook they
submitted for people to try. And at the same time pick up their cookbook.